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There is nowhere quite like Jersey.
We are one Island. One community. One government.

Working together to create a future that provides the best for our Island. Our ambition for all Islanders is that they enjoy a good quality of life, in a fair and balanced society, sustained by a prosperous economy and outstanding, modern public services – without impacting the rest of the world. Delivering this vision demands a long-term strategic approach for Jersey that stretches 30 years into the future.

Infrastructure is a key part of our strategy.

For engineers and other built environment professionals, this is a chance to work on projects that underpin life on the Island. These focus on updating the transport and drainage infrastructure that help our economy to function at its best.

You’ll be working closely with an independent Government – so you’ll have major influence on the whole project lifecycle. You’ll also get the satisfaction of seeing the fruits of your labour. Living here means you’ll get to enjoy them too.

In short, this is an opportunity like no other. To live and work in a way that works for you.

“During 2020, we adapted to new challenges and faced change while continuing to deliver the majority of our work. This means that we entered 2021 more resilient than ever, and better-equipped to meet the demands of the Government Plan 2021 to 2024. We owe this position to every one of our staff, who have managed every challenge with commitment and professionalism. To each of you: thank you for your work.”

– Andy Scate
Director General for Infrastructure, Housing and Environment (IHE)

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